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Preplanning a Funeral

                                     Preplanning a funeral is called a "Prearrangement". It will typically define how a future
                                     funeral will be conducted, so the wishes of the deceased are carried out to best of
                                     everyone's ability

                                    This generally includes planning the service with as much detail as you want; selecting
                                    the merchandise such as casket or urn, vault, clothing, flowers, marker and any other items
                                    you may want to include. Some may want input from other family members, while others
                                    are firm in their own decisions.

                                   Once the service and merchandise are selected the price is determined, and in most
                                   cases  an insurance policy is sold,  or a trust is established, depending on the preferences
                                   of the beneficiary of the plan.

                                   Today more  and more people are taking the responsibility of making
                                   their own funeral plans by setting up a proper prearrangement. A prearrangement
                                   is an essential part of planning any estate. Just knowing you cared enough
                                   to plan your own funeral is one of the best gifts you can give your loved ones.


                                                                A Prearrangement
                             Gives you and your family the "peace of mind" knowing its all taken
                                  care of, and that the funeral will be carried out the way you want it.

Reflects your expressed wishes.

                                  Relieves your family of a potential unexpected financial burden

                                  Protects the cost of the funeral from inflation no matter how far in the
                                  future the funeral takes place.

                                  Protects the family saving and life insurance proceeds you provided for
                                  your love ones

                                 Is portable, so if you move you can transfer your arrangements to
                                 another funeral home

                                 Is exempt from all Medicaid, DSS or SSI plans.

                                Will help avoid any conflict or legal complications after a death occurs.


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